Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My website is down, can you move my account to another server?

A: With WEBHOSTINGVIP we guarantee 99% uptime, but incase anything happens, We apologize for the downtime you experienced and any inconvenience this may have caused. Our first priority is to get the server up and running as soon as possible so you experience no more down time. The resources and time it would take to move you to another box is far greater than the resources currently being used to bring your server back on line. Unfortunately, at this time, because your account is on a server that is undergoing maintenance, we cannot move your account. Even if it were possible to migrate your account to another server, it would take 24 to 48 hours for DNS propagation in addition to the time of moving your files. Doing this would also pull valuable resources and increase the length of time to resolve any issues currently being addressed.

Q: Can I get a prorated refund for the down time?

A: Due to the complexity and nature of a shared webhosting environment, downtime occurs. Unfortunately, we do not offer compensation for any down time. We are sorry for any inconvenience or loss which resulted from your website being down.

Q: After I purchase the hosting, how long will it be before my account is activated?

A: Once you purchase a web hosting plan, your account is activated within a few hours. Sometimes, depending on individual cases, it might differ if our system detects possibility of fraud or scam. In such cases, it might take longer because we will investigate the matter for additional verification purposes. For example, if the IP address does not match billing location, phone number does not match IP location or there are issues with billing address.

Q: Why do I have to pay the one-time fee for free hosting?

A: The one-time fee is used to pay for the basic setup of your hosting, which includes Control Panel. cPanel is not included in the services of most web hosting companies but is essential if you want to build a good website. Also, free hosting includes FTP, which is an excellent feature. In the end, it is a win-win situation for you since you will not have to pay once you’ve paid the one-time fee.

 Q: What are the payment modes accepted by

A: We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Google Checkout and Paypal payments. However, we do not accept cash transfers by SWIFT, at the existing point of time.

Q: Customer Support Time Operation?

A: Our Live chat, Email and Phone Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: Which types of hosting do you offer?


  • Free Web Hosting
  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • VPS Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Hosting
Details of these plans are mentioned in the website homepage. If you have further queries, contact our customer support for assistance. They will also be willing to help you gauge the right plan for your website.  

Q: How can I upload my website to my hosting?

A: There are 2 ways for uploading the website: 
1. By using FTP
2. By using File Manager inside CPANEL  

Q: Can I transfer my domain to your hosting company?

A: YES, we do accept domain transfer, but you also can simply point your domain to us, by changing the NAMESERVER

Q: What is 'Automatic Login'?

A: When you register (and also when you login using the form at the top of the screen), you will be given the option to 'Remember Me'. This will store your identity securely in a cookie on your computer. If you are using a shared computer, such as in a library, school or internet cafe, or if you have reason to not trust any other users that might use this computer, we recommend you do not enable this.

Q: How do I clear cookies?

A: You can clear all your cookies set by the forum by clicking the 'logout' link at the top of the page. In some cases, if you return to the main index page via the link provided and you are still logged in, you may have to remove your cookies manually.

  • In Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP: Click the 'Tools' menu. Select 'Internet Options' from the menu that appears. Click 'Delete Cookies' on the dialog box that appears. It will be in the center area of the 'General' tab.
  • In Internet Explorer 7: Click the 'Tools' menu. Select 'Internet Options' from the menu that appears. Click 'Delete...', beneath 'Browsing History' on the dialog box that appears. It will be in the center area of the 'General' tab. Click 'Delete cookies...' on the next dialog box that appears.
  • In Firefox: Click the 'Tools' menu. Select 'Options' from the menu that appears. From the dialog box, select 'Privacy' on the left. Find 'Cookies' on the main pane, and click the 'Clear' button adjacent to it.
  • In Safari: Go to Preferences, Security, then show Cookies and either select 'Remove all' or select individual cookies and then the 'Delete' button.
  • In Opera: Go to Tools, Preferences, Advanced, Cookies, Manage cookies then select the name of this site and click the 'Delete' button.

Your cookies should now be removed. You may want to restart the computer and revisit the forums to be sure.
Other browsers may have a different method of clearing cookies. Refer to the documentation for your own browser if you are unsure.

Q: I have deleted .htaccess. How can I verify that the server name has been changed?

A: If you have not modified .htaccess, it will not affect the hosting. In case you want to add it again, open the .txt file and save it as .htaccess.

 Q: How do I cancel an order and ask for money back from

A: Please call and inform our customer support representative regarding cancellation of your order. You will have to submit the cancellation form and read our TOS, for refunds column. It will take 24-48 hours for order cancellation. There would be some charges deducted. Also, no refunds are given for free hosting services.

 Q: If I've purchased a hosting package and received confirmation email, how long before I receive my FTP or CPANEL information?

A: When you receive a confirmation email, it does not mean that the order is activated and complete. Once the login process is complete, your account should be activated with a few hours after the payment is made. Sometimes, our email with the subject Hosting new account information automatically is filtered into client Spam older, so please check to make sure that the email is not deleted automatically.

Q: What is the next step after purchasing hosting?

A: The next step after purchase of hosting plan is to change the NAME SERVER of your domain, so it will point to WEBHOSTINGVIP. The NAME SERVER information will be emailed to you or if you prefer, you may verify it from our customer support.

Q: Does free hosting come with FTP and is it feasible to put my ads into it?

A: Yes, free hosting comes with FTP and you can put ads into it.

Q: Do I have to pay extra for rvsitebuilder and would I need to use it from your website?

A: No, rvsitebuilder will be integrated in your CPANEL software. You do not have to pay extra for its usage.

Q: Can gambling, warez and adult sites be hosted?

A: We do not host adult websites. You will be required to contact our customer support and tell them about the website, submit samples and wait for their approval. Some cases may be accepted if you purchase the Reseller Plan and pay for one year in advance.

Q: Do you support php extension like imagick, zend optimizer, curl, fsockopen, ffmpeg, lame mp3, suPHP, frontpage extension and others?

A: Such options will be provided according the plan that you choose for web hosting. We encourage you to check the details of your hosting plan and review the 'programming and library features column for clarification.

Q: Can my hosting be upgraded or downgraded from the existing plan?

A: We provide options to upgrade hosting to a higher plan. As of now, there are no options available to downgrade an existing plan.

Q: Is Unlimited hosting really unlimited?

A: Yes, review our TOS for details. Keep in mind, unlimited is not limited to BACKUP or FILE DUMP (storage).

Q: Do you provide Unlimited Bandwidth and Space?

A: Yes, we offer Unlimited Bandwidth and Space, as long as you do not use more than 25% of the resources. Unlimited Bandwidth and Space Hosting is not intended for Backup, Forums, Running ICQ BOT or any kind of services that require automation request. If violation occurs, your account will be suspended immediately or terminated.

Q: Is phpopen base dir enabled in the server?

A: Yes

Q: Is SVN, Webdav supported?

A: Yes

Q: Do you support all versions of PHP?

A: No, we support only PHP5 (latest version).

Q: Can I use my own NAMESERVER?

A: Yes. We recommend that you have 2 IPs and add an additional cost of $48 per year (in case your plan does not include a free IP). If the plan includes a free IP, the cost will be only $24 per year, which is automatically added to the total cost.

Q: How many databases are included in Free Hosting (MYSQL)?

A: The number depends on the plan selected for free hosting.

 Q: What is your backup strategy?

A: We use Load Balancing technique. Our server includes Raid 10 and we take daily backup to remote location.

Q: How can I restore data (backup) if it is accidentally deleted?

A: A one-time fee of $50 is charged for restoration of data.

Q: How do I purchase my own SSL?

1. SSL costs $50 and you can purchase it during the checkout process under 'add on'.  
2. It is thawte SSL123  
3. Up to 256-bit encryption enabled

Q: What is domain parking?

A: Domain parking allows you to purchase a domain to reserve the name or space for the future. By default, the page will be displayed with a message of 'Under construction' or 'Coming soon' page.

Q: What are subdomains?

A: Subdomains are extensions of your domain. Subdomains can be treated as separate websites from the main domain. They usually have an extension of the main domain name, pointing to a subdirectory of the website.

Q: Do I have to pay any hidden costs for free hosting, except for the setup cost?

A: No hidden cost or other fees is taken for free hosting. You only pay a one-time setup fee and that is all.

Q: For free hosting, how long will I own the hosting?

A: You will own this hosting as long as you do not cancel or move it to different hosting provider.

 Q: What is the difference between UNIX hosting and Windows hosting?

A: Web hosting depends on the operating system that best suits your needs. For Microsoft products like MS Access, VBScript, or ASP, Windows hosting works better. In case you prefer IIS and do not have time to figure out UNIX, you should opt for Windows. However, you do not need Windows hosting, only because you use Windows at home. Linux is a more commonly used among web hosts because it is more reliable and free. This makes it instantly cheaper than Windows. Never underestimate Linux because its free, it is as good OS and even better in many cases than Windows.

Q: Why would I need a dedicated IP?

A: Most websites do not require a dedicated IP, but for those who want to have anonymous FTP or website that uses SSL, dedicated IP would be the best option.

Q: What is MySQL, MS SQL etc.?

A: These are database systems that help organize data. Check with your host to review the systems provided by them.

Q: I am using too much bandwidth! Is there anyway for me to make it lesser?

A: Yes, it is possible to reduce the amount of bandwidth by optimizing graphics on your site and analyzing the HTML coding. Make use of relative paths, so images are not downloaded more than once. Delete extra spaces and while linking, use relative paths. Also, check if your web host has mod_gzip installed. Optimize your page and your site will be better and faster.

Q: How do I register a domain name?

A: Find your domain to check the availability. Once you confirm that it is available, you can continue to purchase.

Q: Can I keep the same domain name, even as changing hosts?

A: Absolutely Yes, you can keep the domain name even as changing hosts. It is not compulsory that you register the name with a different registrar prior to deciding on a hosting plan. When you change hosts, you need to point your domain's name servers to the new host. If you have problems, don't hesitate to contact your host and ask for information about controlling the domain name. You can also check registrar names by carrying out a whois query.

Q: What is uptime? What is the uptime of WEBHOSTINGVIP?

A: Uptime is the percentage amount of time that your website is up and working. The model uptime would be 100%, except, sometimes  things can always go wrong, most web hosts offer 99.9% uptime guarantee. This generally means that if your website is not accessible for more than 43 minutes in a month, you will be reimbursed, depending on specified terms of service. Uptime guarantee by WEBHOSTINGVIP is 99.99%.